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Welcome to the Dental Assistant Salary and Career Center!

Here at the Dental Assistant Salary and Career Center we have a simple goal: to provide useful resources to help you best prepare for an exciting career as a dental assistant. While the dental assistant salary can be very rewarding and draws many candidates into the field, the actual day to day work that a dental assistant carries out can be incredibly gratifying. If you have spoken to a dental assistant who is already working in the dental field, then you’ll have probably already heard that this can be a terrific career choice for individuals who are hoping to enter into the field of dentistry or health care in general.

Dental assistants have become a cornerstone of the average dental practice and as such, can find job placements available in all areas of the country. While the dental assistant salary itself can vary widely by the type of size of practice, the duties are often very similar across them. The dental assistant carries out a large number of duties in the average dental practice including:

  • Preparing and stocking treatment rooms
  • Ensuring that the practice is stocked with adequate dental supplies
  • Assisting in educating patients on proper dental hygiene routines
  • Sterilizing tools and instruments
  • Exposing dental radiographs
  • Taking and creating patient impressions
  • Mixing the required dental materials for a treatment
  • Often they assist with numerous front office administrative and billing tasks

As you can see, the ideal candidate for any dental assistant position will not only have a proper education and background in necessary clinical topics, but will also excel in communicating with patients on an interpersonal level. This will often be the most rewarding part of the job for any dental assistant as you can have a direct impact on the quality of life of your patients.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to the Dental Assistant Salary and Career Center. Please feel free to browse our articles and resource, including our Dental Assistant Jobs page, where you can find a number of openings in your area, as well as our Dental Assisting Programs directory. This resource will allow you to find online certification programs which help to get you on your way to earning a dental assistant salary.

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